Feel Better.

Work Better.


Guided stretches & gentle exercises you and your employees can do at your desk.


It’s not all about fancy ergonomic furniture or perfecting your posture.

You just need to move throughout the day.

X   Stiffness and pain is often the result of excessive desk sitting

X   Loss of mobility increases susceptibility to injury

X   An evening workout can’t reverse degeneration that takes place during the workday


Start feeling better at your desk or on the go.

No experience necessary!


Heal Pain

Through stretching, tension relief, and strengthening, Get Stretchy at Work helps you ease back, neck, and wrist pain caused from excessive desk-sitting and repetitive motion.


Prevent Injury

It has been proven that increasing your flexibility and mobility through stretching reduces susceptibility to injury in the workplace and beyond.

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Manage Stress

Intentional movement and mindful breathing help calm your busy mind so that you can think clearly and manage your day-to-day stresses with ease.

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Workout Anywhere

There’s no equipment or workout attire required!

All our videos are office-friendly and optimized for every device. Just login and start doing gentle, intentional movements at your desk or on the go, anytime.

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